Knocking on Heavens door…

Fear not, I’m still long for this mortal coil…i was just listenting to my favorite album of all time “Chimes of Freedom” the Amnesty International compilation of Bob Dylan covers…

I’m remembering George Will’s monumental tantrum upon Dylan’s Nobel prize for literature, proclaiming that if they were going to give prizes to “mere songwriters” they should have given one to the likes of Amndrew Lloyd Webber. “because he was popular”

Just thinking that I have no covers of ALW songs in my collection, even though I do have several soundtracks of his. (even an atheist can enjoy “Jesus Christ Superstar“, after all)

But I have four different covers of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and three different versions of “The times they are a-changing” in my library…

…and not one of them is by Dylan himself…

The measure of a great artist is sometimes how often people steal/borrow from him…

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